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Do your curtains need cleaning? Are there stains in your curtains that are reluctant to go? Can not find time to clean your curtains? Well, you should never clean your curtains at home anyway. Curtains and blinds have a delicate fabric. Their fabric can get damaged very easily. Therefore, if you are not trained to clean curtains and blinds, never try to do the cleaning yourself. 

Instead, hire a professional. Hiring a curtain cleaning professional will not only save your time. But it will also save your energy. Moreover, it will cut you some slack from all the responsibilities. So, hire the best curtain and blinds cleaning Cleveland experts from Carpet Cleaning Cleveland. We are the best curtain and blind cleaners in town. With our bio-friendly cleaning solutions, we can turn your curtains into freshly new ones. 

Health Problems That Dirty Curtains And Blinds Can Cause

  • Dirty Curtains Are Full Of Dust Mites And Allergens

People usually overlook the need to clean dirty curtains. Curtains hold out against dirt, heat, cold, sunlight. They act as a protective shield for your house. Therefore, they get dirty quickly and easily. Apart from that, because they have a sensitive fabric, they get accumulated with allergens and dirt. 

These two nasty particles are the main reason behind all sorts of allergic reactions including runny nose, sneezing, and coughing. Specifically, cotton curtains are more prone to accumulating.

  • Dirty Curtains Are A Breeding Ground For Mould And Mildew

Having mould and mildew exposure can affect your health in severe ways. You can even have respiratory issues because of mould and mildew. When you breathe in mould and mildew spores, your health can react in dangerous ways. 

Moreover, exposure to mould and mildew is extremely harmful to older people, pregnant women, kids, asthmatic people. Mould grows progressively in humid and warm temperatures. And curtains provide the ideal environment for mould to grow. Therefore, curtain cleaning is essential. 

  • Dirty Curtains Are Full Of Germs

Germs can not only make you sick but they can also make your pets sick. So, do not let your pets suffer because you forgot about your curtains. Book a curtain and blind cleaning service today. 

How Often Should You Get Your Curtains And Blinds Cleaned? 

The situation in every household varies. Here are some conditions that you should consider. Before you plan your routine curtain and blind cleaning services. 

  • If you are living in a dusty neighborhood. You should get your curtains and blinds cleaned every 6 to 12 months. 
  • If your family is hypoallergenic. Then you should hire professional curtains and blind cleaners every 3 to 6 months. 
  • If you have to use wood heaters inside your house. Then make sure to hire curtains and blinds cleaners every 12 months. 
  • If you are living near the sea. Then you should get curtain and blinds cleaning services every 6 to 12 months. 

So, keep a check on these conditions. This chart will help you figure out the best routine patterns to schedule your cleaning service bookings. 

Our Curtain Cleaning Procedure 

  • Our cleaning experts are well-trained to identify your curtain’s fabric type. So, they first inspect your curtains thoroughly before moving forward with the cleaning process. 
  • According to your curtain’s fabric type. We chose the best curtain cleaning option for you from steam cleaning and dry cleaning. 
  • After that, we go straight to the thorough cleaning part. Both our cleaning methods eliminate stains, spots, dust, dirt, soil, debris, etc. 
  • Our team makes sure to use only antifungal and non-toxic cleaning agents. We make our client’s health our first priority. 
  • Moreover, we make sure to eliminate all the stains from your curtain. We also make sure to make your carpet smell fresh using our deodorizers. 
  • At last, we dry off your curtains. And again do a final inspection to be sure about everything. 

Benefits Of Curtain And Blind Cleaning Services

  • Time And Energy Saving: Curtains are pretty big in size. Moreover, their texture is very dense. This is why cleaning them can be very time and energy-consuming. When you hire professionals you do not have to worry about any of these things. 
  • Your Curtains Will Not Be Dusty: Cleaning your curtain on your own will still not be able to remove all the dust from the curtains. However, professionals make sure that the curtains are perfectly cleaned. 
  • They Use Quality Cleaning Tools And Equipment: Professionals have all the necessary tools and equipment to perform quality cleaning. There can be a lot of issues with your curtains. And professionals can take care of all of them. 
  • They Deliver Quick Service: They are very quick with the entire cleaning process. Because of having years of practice in this field, they can perform every task speedily. 
  • Professionals Are Affordable: Professionals are affordable. Even if you choose to clean your curtains on your own. You will get to know that commercial products are pretty expensive. However, commercial products do not assure quality results, unlike professional cleaning. 

Onsite And Offsite Blind Cleaning 

We provide onsite and offsite blind cleaning services. You are free to pick any of these. Moreover, both will be affordable for you. It is all about the comfort of the customers. Our company always focuses on giving the customers multiple choices. So that they can choose the best according to their convenience. Feel free to ping us for any blind cleaning service. 

Why Opt For Us As Your Curtain Cleaning Service Providers? 

  • Our services fall within your budget. 
  • We have an exceptional team of professional cleaners.
  • Our company assures quality services and customer satisfaction. 
  • We are open to customizable services as well. 
  • Our clients are free to book us 24*7.