4 Common Mistakes You Probably Make With Your Carpets

Most of the homeowners follow the practice of decorating your home by adding exquisite carpet at their place. Carpets not only add to the beauty of your place but also give a warm and comfortable home environment. However, some homeowners don’t know how to treat the carpet, and therefore it has to deal with several harsh situations. 

Your home or workplace carpet repeatedly gets stepped on by several people; coffee stains or stains by pets are also common. According to the professionals who provide Carpet Cleaning in Cleveland, you can maintain the functionality and look of your carpet by taking professional cleaning services and avoiding some common maintenance mistakes. 

 Scrubbing The Carpet Vigorously.

According to many homeowners scrubbing or rubbing the carpet will remove the dirt and stains from it. However, this is certainly not a good idea. In actuality, scrubbing with a brush or rag can push the molecules down, further damaging the fibres. Therefore, you should only use the gentle blotting technique to clean your carpet. 

 Not Keeping Walk-Off Mats, Area Rugs, And Runners

When you come home from outside, you bring dirt, dust, snow, grease, water, and many other elements into your home. If you don’t have runners for area rugs in your home, you may allow all these elements to enter your carpets, making it look unpleasant and heavier. 

On the other hand, a simple mat will stop debris and dirt at the door, eventually leaving your carpets clean. You should put mat, rugs or runners around the areas such as entrance, stairs, kitchen, hallways. This simple tip will certainly increase the lifespan of your carpets. 

 Too Much Or Too Little Vacuuming

Vacuuming the carpet is no doubt a tedious task; you can try it on your own. However, too much or too little of vacuuming can be an issue for your carpet. You should only vacuum the carpet once a week. However, if you have little toddlers or pets at your place, try vacuuming every second day. Timely cleaning and vacuuming your carpet will maintain its health, colour and beauty. 

 DIY Carpet Cleaning

Professionals who offer Carpet Cleaning Cleveland Services never suggest you to go for carpet cleaning on your own. It is a task that requires professional assistance because they have the right tools and equipment to clean the carpet. 

DIY carpet cleaning can damage your carpet because you may generally come at some common mistakes, including over-shampooing, over-wetting, not removing expensive furniture, or using the wrong deodorizer. 


You can avoid some common mistakes you do with your carpet by following these simple and easy tricks. Hire professionals and follow correct cleaning methods to increase the life of your carpet.